Friday, January 16, 2009

Sunday - a week in review!

Hi friends!

It has been a bit crazy since our last post. Moe wasn't feeling well on Tuesday, so he got hauled off to the V-E-T for a checkup. I got to go too! I talked and talked and talked all the way! I talked about the weather, world events, the need for cats in every office, and other important things. Moe got his exam, and he is as healthy as an allmost eleven year-0ld meezer can be. The V-E-T thinks it was hairball issues, so he has to take a dose of lubricant twice a day. He likes the taste, so Momma doesn't have to pry open his fangs to dose him.

In other news, the real cold weather has broken. We stayed in our heated bed most of the time. Except to use the box and eat or drink. We snuggled more with eachother than with Momma. She understood. We'll make it up to her. She has an extra day to get loves from us. She is off of work on Monday.

We've got to pose for some pictures! Momma, get out the camera!

Meow for now!



The Island Cats said...

Oh we're glad it wasn't anything real serious with Moe...sometimes those hairballs can be a little pesky!

Enjoy snugglin' with your mom tomorrow! Our mom has the day off too and we'll be doing the same!

Cats~Goats~Quotes said...

You two look so sweet in your nice bed. We are glad Moe is doing OK!!

Happy Sunday!
~ Anna Sue

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I am glad that Moe will be okay. I don't like it when my friends are sick.

Laila and Minchie said...

Those hairballs can do nasty stuff to us.

Enjoy your day off with your Mommie!

Everycat said...

Very glad you are ok Moe - hairballs are yucky to have.