Thursday, May 02, 2013

Thursday with Cosmo

I like to hang out in the sink, while momma works in the kitchen. sometimes if I am a "good boy"*, I get a treat like a whole shrimp or a piece of fish.

*I'm a "good boy" if I sit and wait patiently for my treat. I'm not a "good boy" if I snag it myself!

That's all I have to say,


Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Carmela - gotcha day!

Hi, everyone! Do you see this picture? Snuggled up with my Moe is the perfect way to spend my gotcha day! I hope you have a great day!


P.S. My birthday is coming soon! What should I ask for?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moe's birthday and other news!

Hey, everyone! As the senior spokescat of the house, it is my duty to apologize for the lack of postings from all of us.

It's been a crazy year, so far. Our catgrandpa went to his side of the bridge in December. I was a sick kitty with pancreatitis. Carmela had a uti. Cosmo is young and healthy. Daddy had lap-band surgery. Momma is missing her daddy.

My birthday was yesterday, and I want to thank the Cat Blogosphere for remembering and posting it.

We promise that you will see a lot more of us.

We miss visiting and commenting, but we will do that periodically.

Love and soft nose bumps,