Sunday, May 31, 2009

Easy like Sunday!

This is our Sunday eating schedule:

5:00 AM breakfast (I jump on the bed and yell at mom!)
12:00 PM lunch (Carmela yells at daddy.)
3:00 PM snacktime (we both yell for this.)
6:00 PM din-din (we take turns on this one.)
9:00 PM more food (whoever feels hungry!)
12:00 AM even more food (Carmela needs here energy for her 3:00 am patrol.)

Have a great Sunday!

Carmela and Moe

P.S. We only get fed moist food with a smattering of moist treats. Our coats are shiney and we are very fit. We don't miss dried food at all. Momma gets the best for us because she doesn't want us to get sick like Lucinda.

P.P.S. Momma says that we are getting visitors today. We'll update you later!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

A letter to catmomma.

Dear Mom,

It's been a few weeks since you last blogged for us. Now that you have a faster internet, we hope that you help us visit our furriends and let everyone know what we are doing.


Moe and Carmela

P.S. Next time it won't be a foil ball in your shoe!