Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Favorite sleeping spots:

1. On Momma's lap
2. On Daddy's chest (M)
3. On the floor by Daddy's feet (C)
4. In a patch of sun
5. In any window
6. On Momma and Daddy's bed (C&M)
7. Burrowed under the covers (C)
8. On a kitchen chair right before Daddy sits down (C)
9. On a pillow on the couch
10. In the closet
11. On a pile of dirty laundry (M)
12. On a pile of clean laundry

and finally

13. In the new heated cat bed that we got as a present yesterday. (We slept there all night!)

Meow for now!



judith said...

Cats like to sleep just about anywhere. Jackson used to sleep on my pile of ironing in a basket on top of the microwave. I'm sure there must have been easier places for him to get to. His basket on the floor for example!
RIP Jackson.

Daisy said...

You like your heated cat cup? My Mommie was so excited to get me one, but I refuse to get in it! She hopes Harley will start using it. He likes beds.

PB 'n J said...

Ah yes, great list, especially the laundry!!