Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - What's been happening?

Hi everyone! Moe here.

It's good to be back blogging. I think I gave my secretary enough rest, but now it's time to do a Chicats update.

1. We got new doors to keep out the introoders.

2. We got new blinds on the windows, so we can hide and sit in the sun.

3. Momma got a "Total gym" to work out on. We just sit and laugh at her! She needs to just chase a mouse around the house.

4. March 1st was my 6th gotcha day. None of us felt like celebrating because it was also Lucinda's gotcha day, too. She was my first girlfriend cat and I miss her very much. (So does Momma, Daddy, and Carmela.)

5. Momma lets us play on the stairs in the front hallway. We can claw and kick and roll around.

6. We celebrated Daddy's birthday in March. Momma gave him a funny card about letting the cats pick out the gift. We will post the pictures soon.

7. Momma has been coming home tired. We don't ask for too much, just food, water, a clean box, and a warm lap.

8. We spend most of our day in our heated bed.

9. We take our job of watching over our Daddy very seriously. As soon as Momma leaves, our shift starts.

10. Daddy rescued us from a wasp last week. We don't know how it got in, but we were watching very intently.

11. The Easter Bunny never came. Momma said that he was probably scared of our teeth and claws of doom!

12. The weather has been very strange. Warm, cold, warm, rainy, snowing, sunny!

13. We have missed our friends and we are glad to be back!

See you all tomorrow!


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