Thursday, August 03, 2006

Catmomma's story,

I have always loved cats, ever since Miki, the first cat that I remember. He was a Siamese and very devoted to my mother. He put up with my tail pulling and eventually became a good friend.

When I first met my husband, four years ago, he came to the conclusion that I needed cats. I was living in a small apartment that was not suitable for cats. I was cat sitting for a friend's cats and was always talking about cats. So, after we were married for four months, we decided that the time was right to adopt. We wanted adult cats because we did not have the time to house train kittens. We found a local breeder and made an appointment to visit them. There were lots of cats napping in beds around the house. We chose Lucinda (AKA Simply Delicious and Zoom-Zoom) and Moe (sibling of Larry and Curly). Two months later in May 2003, we adopted Carmela (AKA - Scandelous). These cats are well socialized as they grew up with their family all around them.

I look forward to sharing more of their story with all of you.


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